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Routine check-up: Vaccination, deworming


The vaccination of your pet aims to induce a protective immune response, reducing or attenuating the development of the most common infectious diseases, some of which involve serious clinical conditions.

Vaccination is a necessary and routine procedure in veterinary practice, with minimal risk. It must always be preceded by a complete clinical physical examination, in order to ensure that there is no disease that contraindicates its administration. On the other hand, the vaccination plan should be outlined taking into account your pets characteristics and lifestyle.

We also remember that in Portugal , rabies vaccination is mandatory by law in all dogs and, in case of traveling outside the country, also in cats and ferrets.

Which animals do we vaccinate?

Vets to You performs vaccination plans for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, domestic pigs and goats.

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Dogs, cats and some exotic species benefit from regular deworming under veterinary advice. Like vaccination, deworming allows the prevention of diseases that can greatly affect your pets health and well-being!