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Pre-purchase animal consult

Pre-purchase animal advise (Pre-purchase consult)

Our team is ready to meet with you, in order to provide our knowledge about the wonderful world of animals with you, and help you prepare the ideal habitat or environment for the arrival of your new family member. Without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Don’t waste more time searching in the internet for information that will only leave you with more questions and confused.

Are you going to welcome your first puppy or kitten and want to prepare everything to receive it with all the affection and good care? Or do you already have a pet at home, but want to introduce a new friend, but don’t now how?  

Introducing a new animal can be a stressful, complicated and a time-consuming process. Vets to You team is ready to advise, enlighten and accompany you in this moment, for the best possible adaptation.

Do you have doubts about which is the best exotic animal to acquire? Or even know how to design and/or maintain the perfect habitat for it to live in the best way possible?

You can count on Vets to You team for advice on management, nutrition of any animal species in order to help you understand the best enclose, environment and diet plan for your reptile, bird or mammal.

In addition to tips on how to create a better environment, a better adaptation, with a good environmental enrichment, for your new exotic pet.

We collaborate with several professionals in the field of domestic pets, exotic and wild animals. From behavioural veterinarians, to experienced biologists to breeders, in the world of these fantastic animals. All with vast knowledge and experience, even in the area of large zoological parks.

Contact us, and we will help!