Vetstoyou EN

About us

We are a multidisciplinary team with a comprehensive perspective of veterinary medicine, we combine modern good clinical practices with the latest technologies using innovative methods, and we meet our customers, their requirements, current market trends, in the treatment of animals, wherever they are.

Vetstoyou was born out of a dream of a young veterinarian determined to give the best possible care to pets, whatever the species, avoiding the animal and its owner’s discomfort as much as possible . Because for the health and well-being of our animals there should be no barriers!

Dr. Catarina Duarte Dias, founder and clinical director of Vetstoyou, is a veterinarian with Masters degree in Veterinary Medicine from Lusofona University of Humanities and Technology. She always had a special interest in medicina of exotic, zoo and wild animals, and has done several internships in these field of medicine in national and international zoos, as well as in recovery centres. After concluded  her masters degree, she invested more in her training, holding a postgraduate degree in Medicine and Surgery of Exotic and Zoo Animals by Lusofona University of Humanities and Technology. And continues to carry out various trainings at a national and international level in the exotic animals field.

Dr. Catarina Dias has lectured at national veterinary medicine congresses and universities. Started by practicing in hospitals in the area of Great Lisbon, reconciling cats and dogs’ medicine and exotic animals’ medicine. Even before entering the job market, she realized that these new exotic pets need a closer and more routine medical veterinary monitoring than the one available so far, and that’s why taking the vet to the animals home instead of taking the animals to the vet, seemed to be an excellent option for these animals!

Our principles

Vetstoyou is formed by a young, dedicated and professional veterinary team. With several areas of interest and in continuous training and enovation. Vetstoyou is always ready to help your best friend and life partner!

Our aim is to provide the best possible experience to our patients and their owners, promoting all care and attention they need, as well as trained clinicians who collaborate with Vetstoyou.

Our mission

Our mission is to contribute to the animal health and welfare through good veterinary practices, ensuring a friendly and excellent service. We intend to preserve the good physical and psychological health of your domestic and exotic pets.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a pioneer company that differentiates itself by offering quality products and veterinary health services, by the highest standards of all pets’ welfare, whether domestic or exotic pets.

Our values

The values by which we stand are:

  • Our passion for what we do in order to provide a bond of trust with our clients and their animals, day after day.
  • The affection for animals that makes us always put them first
  • The professionalism that we aim to hold on to provide an excellent, yet friendly and uncomplicated, service to our clients.
  • The responsibility of our work in the quality of life of our clients and their pets, which is why we are proud of the trust placed in us and move us to always perform a better service.
  • The hosnesty that we are committed to in the performance of our work, whether in planning or execution of our services.